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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  February 18, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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been assaulted, but beyond that, i can't be more detailed. right now they are interviewing staff and students at the facility. there are about 20 male students that are housed in this facility. it's has a dormitory classrooms and offices in this building. there's a classroom on this first floor up near the door where the victim was found. >> that side of the building is rather secluded, so it's not something where people are passing by on a regular basis. >> sources close to the investigation say the woman had been sexually assaulted. suggesting that dna evidence may point to a suspect. we have breaking news out of dulles international airport that you are hearing first on 9. airport officials say a german shepherd trained with the customs and border patrol attacked a four-year-old girl this afternoon. the girl was in baggage claim with her family to pick up a friend from argentina. >> we just got off the phone
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from a member of the family. the dog bit the girl under the waist. when the girl's mother tried to free the child, the canine bit her, too. the family says the girl was transported to the hospital with more than 20 stitches around her pelvis. she is at home. we are continuing to work this story. we'll get more information as it becomes available. right now, prince georges county police are searching for the driver who ran down a federal worker and left him to die on the side of the road. it happened around 6:00 on the dc, maryland border not far from the branch avenue metro. armando trull has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: asa never had a chance. >> when officers arrived on the scene, they discovered the 32-year-old victim deceased on the side of the roadway. >> the usda engineer just left his home and headed towards the metro station. two feet of compacted ice on the sidewalks forced him into
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the intersection of branch, and on to the path of a hit-and-run driver. >> there was ice covered sidewalks, so we're not sure if he decided to walk in the road because of the sidewalks being covered with ice. the vehicle kept going, so we are asking anyone that was in that area around 6:00 this morning to give us a call if they saw the accident and to give us a description of the vehicle that fled the scene. >> branch avenue was shut down between southern avenue for hours. accident investigators tried to determine the identity of the fleeing car and driver. >> that's something that the investigators will look into, to check with area businesses just to see if they had surveillance video. to maybe help us determine what happened and who struck the victim. >> in hillcrest heights, armando trull, 9news now. >> the secretary released this statement, saying quote, we are saddened by the loss of asa.
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our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. high winds may have caused two tractor trailers to crash in frederick, maryland. it happened between frederick and mount zion roads. that area was closed for two days because of the huge snow drifts. both trailers were empty. >> snow on the roads clogging streets throughout the district. city efforts to get rid of it are contributing to the traffic congestion. snow off wisconsin avenue before the evening rush hour. >> and then there are these. potholes. this one rattled hub caps and rims in the four corner section of silver spring. the numbers and the size of potholes is growing bigger by the day. to report a pothole in your area, go to our website, and click on 9news extra. >> what's happening right now? let's get a check on the roads with petronya. >> hey there. good evening. the snow removal operation just wrapped up a few minutes ago.
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take a look at the traffic approaching that area. very heavy. so connecticut and river road right now better alternatives to get to the beltway in that area. let's get out to 395 southbound in virginia. let me step out of the way. we see an accident on the right hand side. now off to the shoulder, delays approaching businesses north of duke street, southbound traffic, northbound no problems. on the capital beltway, heavy in both directions here. especially on the outer loop traffic. we have an accident on the 270 spur approaching democracy. two right lanes blocked. traffic begins on i-66 continues to the spur. and finally, if you're at hyattsville, watch out for a down tree. a report from lanover road, coming down on power lines in that area, blocking the right lane. not a good situation. be extra careful going through that area. back to you. >> all right, time now for a check on the weather. meteorologist, topper shutt is on the terrace. >> it is still windy, some
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sunshine on my shoulders and temperatures managed to make it into the 40s. although we have not had a day above average since january 28. here's your forecast first. for tonight, we'll keep it partly cloudy. it will still be cold. low temperatures in the 20s across the board. upper 20s downtown and winds westerly at 10 to 15. look at the winds. they are gusting to 36 miles per hour in frederick. 24 in downtown area. almost like the beginning of january when we had the first six day of wind over 30 miles per hour. look at fredericksburg down 95. 47, but if you factor in the wind, it feels like 35 at national and feels like 20s in the northern and western suburbs. we will come back. we have a great best shot. another blizzard shot. we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right topper. a pilot of a small plane may have intentionally crashed into an office building that houses offices of the irs. it happened late this morning
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and tonight, at least one person is missing and the building is still smoldering. sandra hughs has the latest. >> the small plane hit a seven- story office building in austin, texas. sending flames and smoke high into the sky. officials say the pilot identified as 53-year-old joseph andrew had a fight with his wife, then took off on what appears to be a mission of deconstruction. he may have set his own house on fire and intentionally slammed his plane into the austin building where the revenue service has offices. lists his grievances against the irs. witnesses say the private plane was flying very low before it banked to the right and crashed into the building. >> as soon as it cleared our view, our line of sight, a ball of flames shot up, like higher than the apartments. but it did not look like he didn't have control. it didn't look like -- it looked like he was flying,
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smooth as can be. >> firefighters evacuated the building. one person is missing, and several people are reported injured. >> we have searched the first three floors. we are in the process of continuing that search. >> while terrorism has been ruled out, two f16's conducted an air patrol after the crash as a precaution. a team from the national transportation safety board is traveling to austin to investigate. sandra hughes, cbs news. and on that website linked to stack, after outlining his problems with the irs, it says violence is the only answer. prosecutors in the rene bowman trial spent the morning unraveling the many cover stories she gave friends to explain the disappearance of her two adopted daughters. bowman's cell mate took the stand. audrey barnes has the latest. >> jeanette may seem like an unlikely witness, she is on probation after being convicted on two counts of third-degree
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sex offense. this 29-year-old mother of four said no one promised anything to come forward. she felt compelled to say what renee browman told her. bowman told her that she was depressed about losing her job, about a recent bout with cancer, and about caring for three special needs kids. and buckmiller says bowman says one night, one of the girls  came downstairs and asked why she was crying. that's when bowman walked her back upstairs and smothered her and her sister with a pillow. and buckmiller is not the only one who testified today about disturbing run ins with renee bowman. >> yofet, a private contractor says he'll never forget seeing renee bowman's child. >> she looked a little sad and she was looking down and she
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was wearing a grown person t- shirt, all dirty and stuff. something doesn't look right. so that's why i was bothered by it. >> he was so distraught at the little girl's condition, he called child protective services. >> the way she was looking dirty and stuff, i didn't understand how a mother can keep her kid like that. so i called child protective services. >> several of her girlfriends testified about constantly asking her where the girls were. bowman told keisha white, she had a secret she couldn't share. the most disturbing evidence may have come from a montgomery county police forensic technician who gathered evidence at the home where the two bodies were found in the freezer. officer jennifer hanson says packages of vegetables and meat were frozen to the body of manay bowman at the bottom of the freezer. the sell by date on one of them, christmas eve, 2005. that may offer some hint as to
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how long they have been in there. this trial will resume in the morning with more medical evidence on the autopsies on the two little girls who died. we are told that each of them had between 40 and 50 different injuries and that all is coming out in court tomorrow. anita, back to you. all right audrey barnes, thank you very much. sky 9 flew over the scene of a deadly fire this morning. a body was found inside a burning camper in the parking lot of a warehouse at day street and terminal drive. that person has not been identified. police believe the camper had been parked in the area for a while. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. investigators say this fire on black rock road in germantown started in the attic and quickly spread to the rest of the house. a firefighter suffered minor injuries, fighting the morning blaze, nobody else was hurt. >> a surcharge is scheduled to take place in days. bus and subway rides will cost
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10 cents, starting february 28. the fare hike is designed to close a budget short fall and metro's board of directors is considering further rate hikes of up to 25 cents in july. we are paying more even as the system seems to keep having problems. so what has gone wrong with metro and why can't we find out more about it? long and loud frustration today from one of metro's top leaders. we'll hear from him coming up at 6:00. >> also, how will local school systems make up all those days they lost to the blizzard? we'll break it down for you. >> plus, eight americans accused of child kidnapping arrived home from haiti as the two remaining missionaries return to court.
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this is a nice streak. another positive day on wall street. the day finished up to close at 10,392. the nasdaq jumped 15 and the s
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& p 500 climbed 7 points. >> lawmakers trying to get to the bottom of toyota's recalls. wants the company's president to testify at next week's hearing. previously said he would not attend, but now he is considering that request. toyota recalled more than 8 million vehicles amid safety concerns involving their gas pedals, floor mats and brakes. what toyota is doing to address the recall practice. >> share $59 million to fund 15 bus transit projects. the stimulous money is going to go toward bus shelters, bus lanes, a transit weigh in alexandria and new rapid bus service to the pentagon. dc did not get the $96 million needed for the k street transit way. >> congress failed to act president obama is taking steps to reign in the escalating federal deficit. the president signed an executive order establishing a bipartisan commission on fiscal responsibility. that happened this morning at
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the white house. recent estimates put the deficit at $1.56 trillion. the president also held a private meeting with the dalai lama today. the closed door meeting comes after a stern warning from china last month. it said a meeting with the spiritual leader further damages china's relationship with the united states. the taliban is offering more resistance as u.s. and coalition forces push further into southern afghanistan. the offensive designed to take back the city is in its sixth day. five nato service members and one afghan soldier have been killed. once the city is secured, nato plans to rebuild and hopes to convince residents that life is better without the taliban. >> eight of the ten american missionaries charged in haiti with child kidnapping are back here in the u.s. they said little as they departed miami this morning after their late night fly from port-au-prince. the eight men and women mostly from idaho, were released yesterday after 20 days in jail. the group's leader and her
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former nanny were in court today for further questioning. >> we are going to continue to pray and work toward their release, believing that will come soon as well. >> the others were set free after parents of the children testified that they had voluntarily given up their kids to the missionaries in hopes they would have a better life. >> here at home. all of the regions are back in school. how long will they have to stay there to make up for missed time. many local school boards are scratching their heads to find a plan and as derek mcginty reports, that has parents scratching theirs. >> in arlington county, the superintendent and board members propose replacing parent teacher conference days with regular days in class and certain schools that now have early release times will have a full school day. >> the parent teacher conferences, and i think talking through that and parents were able to get some comfort that as long as they could reach their teachers and
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have those important meetings, that they were okay. >> if i was a working parent, it might be harder, if i never got to spend time with the teachers. >> something is going to be sacrificed. >> they may move to phase two, that would lengthen the school day itself. in fairfax county schools, that is exactly the proposal. at an extra half hour starting in march. >> that i don't think is a good idea. i think the kids are already packed in and they already have enough instruction during the day and that would over tax children. >> in maryland, students are required to be in school for a certain number of days each year. in frederick county, the plan is to cut two days away from spring break and lengthen the school year by two days. >> i'm not going to like that. >> school boards will have to approve the makeup day plans at upcoming meetings. derek mcginty, 9news now. >> the school board meeting for arlington public schools is scheduled on february 23. for more information, go to our
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website, and check it out. >> you would make a lot of people happy if you told us we wouldn't have to worry about anymore snow days for the rest of the year. >> there is some light at end of the tunnel. i give it until march 15. if you get through march 15, you are in good shape. >> we have a goal. it's good to have goals. it is thursday, here's your best shot. this captured my eye. look at these here. isn't that incredible? they are probably not that old, but this is out and they had about 3 feet of snow between the two blizzards. that caught my eye. bob, nice job. >> nice job, bob. you want to send something in, go to our website at click on the weather tab and follow the drop down menu. be sure to include your name and hometown. >> temperature in the 40s,
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it's below average. average high is 47. we have not had an above average temperatures since january 28. went with 54. it's been cold ever since. also, it's going to be breezy friday and saturday. clouds come in saturday, the snow flake out saturday night. i don't believe there will be anything. clouds come back at us. speaking of pictures, mark sent this to us. this is in mineral county. you drop a plum just down from garrett county. and mark is the emergency manager and he says they have had up to 40-foot drifts. they have been clearing them out with the national guard. an incredible amount of snow. until a few hours ago, it was falling out there. tonight, partly cloudy, breezy, cold. winds westerly. temperatures tonight, we have some clouds and some snow showers yesterday and last night. temperatures a little colder. 23 in great falls. 27 in bethesda. 23 in bowie.
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temperatures right now. not bad. low 40s. brookeville, 41. 42 in bell haven. out to the west, have to go out toward edonburg. temperatures in the upper 30s. mostly sunny, breezy, and cold. 20s and 30s and winds, northwesterly at 10 to 15. it really does remind me of the first six days in january where we had all those winds. by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy. seasonally chilly, but better. highs 40 to 45. winds west, northwesterly at 10 to 20 and a little gusty. all right, satellite picture, this is what we were watching for saturday night. there's a more important storm that will drop down. the energy of this one will race out to the south of us. it will produce a little bit of snow into missouri. it doesn't do anything for us. clouds our way saturday, that's it. it waits for the other energy piece of energy to come in on monday and that is still on track. all right, zone forecast for friday. partly cloudy, low 40s, even up
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in charles town. 45 in springfield and looking at, can we just get rid of that so i can see stafford? i'll get calls if i don't do that. across the river, 44 downtown. 44 in laurel, and 45 in hughsville. with the winds, we still have small craft advisory. all right, next seven days, we are in the 40s. friday, saturday, sunday, and breezy friday and saturday. clouds saturday, but dry. we should stay dry until the early morning hours on monday and we have a mix. not a huge storm, in the middle. looks like it's going to be a mix of snow, rain, maybe some sleet. maybe a little bit of freezing rain. don't see freezing rain as a huge problem. it's going to end as freezing rain. okay. remember, march 15. >> i was going to say, i have my goal. >> if we can just make it to march 15. >> good hair today. >> thank you, i did it myself. >> did you? >> no.
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he just got it cut. >> okay. coming up, what will tiger woods say tomorrow when he makes his first public statement about his sex scandal? but first, a grandma comes to the rescue when a would be robber tries to hold up a convenience store. you have to see this. g÷g÷uññ
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i need pain relief that won't mess with my grip.
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[ male announcer ] icy hot no-mess applicator. wherever you hurt, it massages in icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. no pain. no mess. welcome back. sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. you're going to take a live picture right now from atlanta, georgia, a zebra on the highway. there it is. it has been corralled at this point, taken over to the side. some nice rescue workers petting it, keeping it calm. this was a zebra on a roadway in atlanta, georgia. the chopper overhead. you can see motorists stop to see what is happening, where they corralled the zebra. news truck on site as well. hopefully we are going to be going back to the zebra here in a second. we have traffic problems in our
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area, but nothing like this. >> where is the zoo in proximity to that area? >> good question. >> look, he's like hey, what's going on here? all right. something else caught on tape. a grandmother fights off a would be robber in massachusetts. surveillance video shows the woman standing at the store counter when a man walks in and charges the employee at the register. not good. that's when the woman grabs the price scanner and then she starts to beet up the suspect. look at that. and then even when the man tries to get away. she tries to get in one last swipe. police arrested the man a few blocks away. >> a bomb threat forced a united airlines flight to make an emergency landing today. flight 741 was heading from denver to san francisco when it was diverted to salt like city after a flight attendant found a threatening note. they didn't find anything. 193 passengers and six crew members were on board.
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>> safety investigators on the scene of a train derailment. about 20 cars of the houston- bound train jumped the tracks before dawn. no one was hurt. residents in the area were ordered out of their homes for fear of a chemical leak. they were later allowed to go back home. >> on the southern train delayed this morning. ten cars carrying semitruck trailers jumped the tracks. this train was headed from chicago to new york. crews are trying to figure out if the tracks are safe as they investigate. >> the space shuttle endeavor will undock from the international space station tomorrow before returning home sunday. one of today's missions was to move a water recycling system, a generator, and a toilet on to the $27 million observation deck that was shuttled into space by endeavor. president obama called the astronauts late yesterday, congratulating them on all their hard work. coming up, a change to driver's ed requirements in
5:27 pm
maryland. plus, golfer tiger woods prepares to break his silence about the sex scandal that sent him into hiding. >> what about winning the lotto and losing the ticket or misplacing it? i'm in leesburg, that story is coming up.
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welcome back. let's reset some of the top stories in the news now. an investigation is underway into an apparent murder into a staffer at the juvenile detention center in maryland. the victim is an unidentified woman in her 40s. she was found outside a building that houses juvenile offenders generally considered nonviolent. a search is underway in prince georges county. 32-year-old asa, a department of agriculture engineer was walking on branch avenue because the sidewalks were covered with snow. and police say the pilot of a small plane that crashed into a building today was argumenting irs offices inside. that pilot is presumed dead. one person is unaccounted for and two people are in the
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hospital. tiger woods is getting ready to speak publicly for the first time in three months. about his sex scandal and expected return to the game. wit johnson reports from jacksonville. >> reporter: tiger woods took a step back into the public eye. jogging near his florida home. >> step back, please. >> friday, the golf superstar faces cameras for the first time since his thanksgiving car accident. he'll speak about the incident that triggered his admission of infidelity and hiatus from the game. >> i think that people are going to judge the way he looks. how contrite he sounds, more so than they will judge the words he actually speaks. >> woods agent said tiger will apologize and talk about what he plans to do next. he may announce a return to golf at the end of march at the small tournament before playing the masters in april. >> i think there's no question that he'll be there. >> woods late morning appearance will be a tightly
5:32 pm
orchestrated affair at pga tour headquarters. just a handful of reporters and one television camera are being allowed into the clubhouse with tiger woods. the rest of the press is being kept a mile away inside a hotel ballroom. woods is not expected to answer any questions. it's unclear whether his wife will be there, or if their marriage has survived. the scandal has already caused the superstar endorsements from gatorraid. >> i think tiger woods is going to be toxic for sponsors throughout 2010 and probably into 2011. >> some golfers questioned the timing. they will be playing in the world golf championship, while woods steals the spotlight. >> wit johnson, cbs news, jacksonville, florida. >> wow, we will have live coverage of tiger woods statement tomorrow morning at 11:00 on wusa9 and >> the navy says it is reviewing the care that congressman, john received at
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the bethesda naval medical center. the 77-year-old democrat passed away last week following complications from gallbladder surgery. he died in arlington and blamed the lawmaker's death on complications from the surgery performed in bethesda. >> a new push is underway to improve drivers ed programs in maryland. governor martin o'malley unveiled some of the initiative today in annapolis. >> today we are proud to announce that we are expanding our partnership. the foundation will be partnering with the maryland motor vehicle administration to improve safety on our highways and roads all across our state. >> officials say their review will include a complete overhaul of the driver's license screening process for young people. that will include both the written and road tests required before you get that permit. a mecca for bald eagles is on a hit list of five state parks that are scheduled to be
5:34 pm
closed. officials say the preliminary decision to close is based on attendance figures. the state park is also on the list. the closures are designed to save the old dominion $500,000 a year. >> you can help shape the future of the national mall. the national park service is outlining its plan to revamp the mall and how the public can contribute its ideas. you can leave your comments with the park service about the mall plan for the next month. okay, so there's snow all around us, but would you believe now is the time to sign up your kids for summer camp? the dc parks and reck department kicked off its summer camp registration today with the release of its 2010 fun and summer guide. there will be five sessions this year. the first will be for one week. this year's camp start on june 21. >> a toast to the renaissance hotel. it is celebrating its 85th
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birthday. today's festivities included the unveiling of treasures returned. it features historic items that were taken by guests or given away by the hotel over the years and later returned. they include a 70-year-old champagne bucket and a banquet chair from the world war ii era. >> imagine winning the lottery and losing the ticket. 30 minutes ago, time ran out to claim a $250,000 winning virginia lottery ticket. lindsey has the story. >> it would be enough to make elton john cry. $250,000, and now it's too late. the winning ticket was sold at this giant food in leesburg. exactly 180 days later, the deadline passed at 5:00 today. >> the winning ticket was sold right here, so customers have
5:36 pm
been coming in all day trying to figure out if they are the ones missing out. >> it's totally mine. i forgot it in my other jacket. >> what if it were you? what if you won and missed the deadline? >> i would fall to my knees ask hit myself on the side of the head. >> the quarter million doesn't just evaporate. it goes into the literary fund. >> it is used for teacher retirement and school construction. >> the virginia lottery says more than $190 million in unclaimed prizes has gone to the fund since 1988. >> my theory is that people hear that there's not a big jackpot winner and they don't bother to check their ticket. >> if you missed out on $250,000, would you even want to know? >> i don't think i would want to know. >> why not? >> because i would be depressed. >> i would keep it to myself. i would be ashamed to tell anyone. >> i'm lindsey, 9news now.
5:37 pm
just last year alone, there was more than $13 million in unclaimed prize money. are you looking at your tickets? the largest prize was back in 2003 and that was more than $11 million. >> okay, that's just too painful to contemplate. time to get another check of the evening rush. how painful is it tonight? >> in some spots, pretty painful. that's right, let's see, i-66. lots of delays approaching westbound to route 28. this is due to an accident. three lanes are taken away. this is a bad spot to be in silver spring, let's head down to university boulevard. we want to show you the spot, because we have been getting a lot of complaints due to potholes, especially near dennis avenue. so take it slow out there. your car will thank you and finally, minor delays on the green line.
5:38 pm
no problems. guys, back to you. >> thanks. coming up, the national zoo gets two cute and cu cuddly additions. >> we'll be back. xxówóióiói
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the national zoo is celebrating the birth of two rare clouded leopards. they weighed in at just over a half pound each when they arrived on valentine's day. they were born at the zoo's research facility. the breeding program there has been very successful. 76 leopards have been born at the last three decades. harry potter author is being hit with a plagiarism lawsuit. the estate of the late jacobs
5:41 pm
says harry potter copied substantial portions of his 1987 book, the adventures of willie the wizard, number one land. a representative from the estate estimates the lawsuit is a billion dollar case. a preservation charity, the national trust is being asked to buy the building where the beetles recorded many of their classic hits. it's been put up for sale by the cash strapped record company. paul mccartny is leading the campaign to save the studio. >> coming up, we have some surprising results for you from a new survey about giving kids allowance. but first, trying to avoid all these airline baggage fees? we'll have tips on how to travel luggage free the next time you fly. >> this is not the wizards basketball team you know. the rebuilding slot coming up. top. >> it is still windy out here. temperatures manage to crawl into the 40s. we'll take you out with the
5:42 pm
almanac. click on the weather tab and use the weather data on the drop down menu. 43-34 go in the books. records on this date, 76. record low, 3. we'll come back and talk about the weekend and possibility of a storm next week. look at you.
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body rested. stress gone. mind sharp. because unisom gave you deep restful sleep all night. morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning. i'm peggy fox wit one way to save money is to regift unopened toys. some moms say they do it all the time, others say they would never do it and never teach their kids to do it. what do you think? join the 900 plus moms to take the poll. from long check in lines to increased security to growing baggage fees. travel these days can be a bumpy ride. in today's consumer alert, how
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some people are breezing through airports and arriving at their destinations with everything they need. >> mary ann matthew packed for the trip of a lifetime to tie the knott in jamaica. >> the hotel we found was fantastic. once we saw it, we knew we had to get married there. >> with a wedding party of 50, the thought of bringing all that luggage made them crazy. >> it was too much of a hassle to bring 11 giant pieces of luggage and boxes on to the commercial flight with us. >> their solution was to ship it. they used a luggage delivery service, a growing number are available, they promise to pick up and deliver to any destination, whether it's domestic or international, a hotel, even cruise ship. many companies will even take care of customs paperwork and smarter >> they have guaranteed on time delivery, plus travelers can save a lot of time at the airport. >> cost varies on the company
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you use, what you're shipping and how quickly you need your luggage delivered. >> overnight service, that is our most expensive service. we offer a three day, and seven day service, which descend in price accordingly. >> some companies charge by weight. they went this route and paid less than if they checked their bags at the airport. >> we got a lot of convenience. a fabulous trip and a hassle- free experience. >> while shipping paid off for mariel and matthew, that's not always the case. some shipping services can be more expensive than checking baggage and be prepared to check further in advance to save more money. >> do you give your kids an allowance? 62% of american youngsters get some kind of an allowance. kids pocket $12 a week. young people between the ages of 6 and 16 understand we are in a recession and there may be means to cut back and 91% of
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parents in the survey say they intend to teach their kids lessons of financial responsibility this year. 9news at 6:00 is less than 15 minutes away. silent no more. the problems that continue to plague metro frustrate us all and now even its top leaders are speaking out about them. plus, shock waves are going through some cash strapped virginia schools after the governor announces major cutbacks, and why did george washington university have to apologize to hundreds of potential students? more on a big oops. those stories new for you coming up tonight at 6:00. >> top, we could use some quiet weather. >> we could. we are going to have quiet weather for a while. it's winter here. i want to wrap your mind around this. we'll take you down to australia where it's summer. not so quiet down there. a little tornado. this was captured yesterday. it's not huge, but still, it moved through a corn field and
5:49 pm
it sent a tractor into the air. look at that. isn't that incredible. >> you can see how debris can get caught and so dangerous. >> that's how you can see it, because stuff gets caught in it. look at that. that's pretty incredible, seeing the tractor and stuff in there. it was actually destroyed a corn field, some outbuildings on the farm. nobody was hurt, but pretty cool. all right, for us, much quieter. we'll go back to winter now in this hemisphere. temperatures are creeping up. it's still breezy. we can't shake the wind at all. breezy tomorrow, 44. breezy on saturday, 43. notice we have clouds coming in saturday, but we've taken away the snow. saturday night should be quiet. clouds come back on sunday, 44. that's ahead of the more important storm on monday. partly cloudy tonight, breezy, cold, lows in the 20s. winds westerly, got a call today from a woman who wants to know what hour it freezes. it depends on how much salt is on the road, where you're
5:50 pm
located and that sort of thing. there's no given time when things are going to freeze. i can't tell you that. i don't know how your roads are treated. take it easy, there could be slick spots because we had good melting today. temperatures in the 20s across the board. 24 at silver spring. even out to the west, 26 in tysons and 27 out at dulles. temperatures right now, not that cold. still below average, but not that cold. low 40s for vienna, leanardtown, 43. some 30s now. tomorrow morning, mostly sunny, breezy, and cold. 20s and 30s to start. northwesterly winds, and by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy, seasonally chilly. an improvement. high temperatures 40 to 45. winds will pick up a little bit west, northwest at 10 to 20 and gusty. satellite picture, radar combined. we had a few snow showers last night. all the clouds confined to the
5:51 pm
mountains. next seven days, 40s and breezy. friday, saturday, not so breezy on sunday. we are in the mid 40s and there's the system on monday. looks like a mix. does not like like a pure rain event. looks like every kind of precipitation type we could have. and turn cold again wednesday and thursday of next week. >> hopefully it will be minimal. >> hopefully. >> not a huge storm. you know, in the middle. >> well, we know what can happen at the office when somebody gets layed off or fired or, you know, they have to change jobs. what happens in the nba? >> first of all, it's not like he got layed off. he has a $40 million or $50 million contract. the other thing was, he loaded up his bently and drove out of the garage. he is in cleveland already. so very few people get layed off and drive off in their bently. the wizards were 17-33 this year, with all their stars. imagine how forgettable they're going to be these last 31
5:52 pm
games, having traded away every recognizable player on the roster. as dave owens found out, it's a period of necessary evil if this franchise ever wants to be reborn. >> for a team once seeking playoffs, this has been hard to fathom. arenas, charged, butler and jamison, traded. >> i find it hard, because we are supposed to be way better than we were. >> team we anticipated would have a huge impact, they never played together. am i disappointed? sure i'm disappointed. >> now the team must convince fans despite gutting their team, they are a reason to come to games or pay attention to the team. well, judging by the folks we spoke to out here, that might be a hard sell. >> i'm still going to watch, but i am turned off. >> i think it's a mess, because people like to follow the big names. now we have to start again. >> meanwhile, at an afternoon press conference, gm, ernie made his best sales pitch. >> this group together got
5:53 pm
stale. it wasn't going in that direction and i felt for the best interest of the other franchise, short-term and long- term, a change was needed to be made. >> saunders refused to raise the white flag. >> you know, we are pivoting, just like they are doing at the white house. >> he can only hope his team can savor the season and fans, some of which have began jumping ship. >> instead of watching a washington wizards team, i would rather blank. >> georgetown, terps, lady terps. >> dave owens, 9news now. laundry, shoveling snow, doing the cleaning. >> those teams are not that shabby. >> that was a compliment. coming up at 6:00, you'll hear from antwan jamison as he arrives in cleveland. if he got traded to any other
5:54 pm
team besides cleveland, it would have been okay. all natural skin recovery remedies you can whip up in your own kitchen.
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5:56 pm
the world health organization has just announced its recommendation for next
5:57 pm
year's seasonal flu vaccine for the hemisphere. also included, another type of influenza a. drug companies anxiously await the recommendation. experts say even if you had h1n1 flu this year or if you got the vaccine, you can still get the flu shot next year. okay, i don't know about you, but my skin has seen better days, after this cold and snowy dc winter, i asked a local dermatologist who specializes in natural remedies to demonstrate some of her skin rejuvenation secrets. check it out. >> we need some snow magedon skin care. >> a simple, but effective moisturizer for hands, feet, and any part of your body that has gotten chapped.
5:58 pm
it is coconut oil. g asian food store, grocery stores have it, such as indian grocery stores. >> the doctor says in colder weather, the coconut oil takes on a semisolid state. but microwave it on high for 30 to 60 seconds and you get a warm, clear oil that absorbs easily into the skin. >> it's not thick. >> no, it's really not. >> the only place you shouldn't use it, on your face, because that could trigger a breakout. instead, a hydrating yogurt face mask. she starts with greek yogurt that had some of the moisture strained out overnight. >> the yogurt has lactic acid, which a natural acid. >> while the olive oil she mixes in acts as a moisturizer. >> now we are going to add a little bit of honey. the doctor says the onny locks in the mask's moisture and
5:59 pm
helps tighten pores. slatter this on. >> it won't make you dry or flakey, but if you have dull skin, it will give you back your glow. >> okay, we all want that. finally, don't forget the sunscreen. all those rays bouncing off the snow can really age your skin in the winter months. for the doctor's winter skin recovery recipes, plus her top recommendations for spring skin care, go to our website and click on living well. thanks for joining us for 9news now at 5:00. 9news now at 6:00 starts right now. >> from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9news now. >> love it or hate it, nearly 3/4 of a million of us ride metro every day and the rest of us would be jammed in more traffic if it wasn't running. what has gone wrong with the system that seems plagued with accidents? and why can't we find out more? bruce leshan is live at the newsroom with


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